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Will the next baby be a boy or a girl?

In the major part of Europe, gender selection is strictly prohibited. Despite a relatively substantial demand, legislation based on old-fashioned ideas prevents parents from balancing their family. They need to go abroad. There is no other way round.

The gender clinic (Genderkliniek) is here serving you addressing all the questions you might have.

Since it is perfectly legal to perform all required pretesting in The Netherlands and many other European countries, we are happy to assist you to realize the baby of your dreams. IVF with PGT-M or PGT-A deep screening means sex selection with a near 100% reliable outcome. A reliable result is all that counts.

Get the best of both worlds with our help as we work with the finest IVF clinics in various countries. Here you will find at a glance what we have to offer. The gender clinic offers full pretreatment and after care support to patients living in and outside the EU.


Before you can join the IVF/PGT program, you must prepare yourself by undergoing diagnostics. The gender clinic will help you through the process. If all turns out to be in line with the medical requirements, you can begin with the further treatment preparations.

The treatment plan, or regimen, becomes available immediately as the diagnostic cycle is completed. At that moment we have reports about your hormone profile and a number of other important parameters.  There is also a baseline (ultra sound) scan to get a better picture about your state of fertility. 

An additional semen test is also advised in case there is doubt about the quality. Further you are required to address an number of medical questions. This is to rule out any medical issues that prevent you from a safe and successful treatment.

If everything is found to be safe and sound, you can continue with the next steps to make your family complete.

Your treatment schedule

In case there are no medical boundaries, you’ll get the green light to continue with the next important part of the pretreatment preparation.

The medical staff at the IVF center provides a detailed treatment plan with day-to-day instructions until the very day the real treatment begins at the destination clinic.

The treatment plan comes with prescriptions containing further details about the stimulation and ultra sound scans to monitor the development of the follicles and endometrium.

With the valid prescription, you are able to obtain all medication at your local pharmacy. We can help you to get the medicine by sending the compliant prescription officially to the nearest hospital pharmacy.

As the pretreatment in your home country nears the end, it is time to leave for the for final part of the treatment. Not later as on day eleven of the menstrual cycle, you travel to the IVF center abroad to be in time for your first next day appointment. 

A couple of days later, the egg retrieval and fertilization takes place.

Another five day’s later, the healthy embryo’s developed subject to genetic screening. As the gender is determined and major anomalies are ruled out, your embryo’s are ready for transfer.

During your stay you will constantly be informed. From the fertilization of the egg cells through the development of the embryo’s and finally your appointment for the embryo transfer.  

Important is to know how many healthy embryo’s of the desired gender are available. Generally, we advise to transfer two embryo’s as this increases your chance of becoming pregnant at once significantly. Please consider to cryopreserve embryo’s left over.

After the treatment

To support the development of the embryo’s in the womb, you will use further medication. In case of a pregnancy, up to 12 weeks pregnancy.

As you return home, you are asked to perform the so called HCG pregnancy test. To confirm your pregnancy in vision, at seven weeks on going pregnancy, it is time for the first official pregnancy scan.

As this further is no different from a normal pregnancy, you can call a mid wife for support.

All information distributed by email or on the phone is free of charge and without any obligation. We regularly schedule personal meetings in the London and Utrecht area. We charge cost for personal intake meetings.

This IVF program is not recommended for woman that suffer severe fertility problems or older than 42 years of age.

Please do not hesitate to ask for our latest detailed information in English.

You can send us an email at: informatie@genderkliniek.nl or call.


Bert van Delen

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