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Make your dream come true

Sex selection, IVF with PGD, How can we help you?

Only the best is good enough
In the major part of Europe, sex selection is strictly prohibited. Despite a relatively substantial demand, legislation based on old fashioned ideas prevent parents from balancing their family.

We are here to help you. Since it is perfectly legal to do all the necessary preperations in The Netherlands, we are happy to assist and arange all you need on the brink of your desired PGD treatment. PGD means a near 100% reliable sex selection.

You get the best of both worlds since we work with the finest clinic in Cyprus only. Here is at a glance what we have to offer. Not only for english language patients from the Netherlands but other European countries as well.

Before you can start the IVF/PGD treatment, you must prepare yourself by undergoing diagnostics and using medication. This period of time is called the pre treatment. During the first diagnostic cycle, we perform all needed blood tests and ultra sound scans. A semen test is advised in case there is doubt about the quality.

When everything is in a sound condition and your state of fertility is all right, you are free to decide to continue.

Your treatment schedule
In case you get the green light to go on, a medication schedule, with day to day instructions becomes, available. You also get a prescription for obtaining the IVF medication. We will help you to get this from the hospital pharmacy or our at home delivery service.

Mostly from day 21 of the cycle, you will use a down regulating medicine. This non stop from day to day till the real treatment in Cyprus starts. As this cycle comes to an end, on day 3 of the following cycle you will start with the controlled stimulation medicine. This alongside the down regulating agent.

During the controlled stimulation we perform ultra sound scans to track the follicle growth and the size of the endometrium. Your dosage of medication is depending on the progress.

Around day twelve of this cycle, its time to leave for Cyprus. One day later your will have your first appointment at the clinic. You will meet the staf and undergo again an ultra sound scan. An appointment for the egg retrieval will be scheduled.

Follicles will be taken away and fertilized. The egg cells will grow up to embryos to be ready for the early stage PGD screening a couple of days later. That is the very moment the sex of the embryo’s will be dertermined.

This as well as a screening for a number of common heritable diseases. You will be informed about how many healthy embryo’s of the wanted sex are available and a new appointment for the embryo transfer will be scheduled.

After this you can go home. To support the grow of the embryo in the womb, you will use medication. After twelve days you are required to do a HCG pregnancy test. Seven weeks later a pregnancy determination scan is scheduled.


Everything starts with the registration form. Unfortunately we can not schedule you for appointments with certified health providers without your personal details. We also need to have basic information regarding age and fertility circumstances to determine your chances of having success. Further it is most important to prepare well. In case of a medical history, use of medication or current other health issues you will be scheduled at our doctors. is a service of The Medical Innovations Foundation. Please call or email us in case of any queries. Starting the pretreatment? Please ask for the registration form. For our international demand, personal info meetings are held in London and Utrecht.

Additional information in English is available upon request.